Super Easy Way To Learn Everything About Technical Textile Industry

SuperEasy Way To Learn Everything About Technical Textile Industry

The traditional textile sector of the world is undoubtedly delivering its best for the needs and demand of its consumers. But with the passage of time, the consumers of this industry were expecting more from this industry. So, the creation of technical textile industry came into being for meeting the new and upcoming requirements of customers. As we know that in traditional textile, the manufacturers are more concern about the aesthetic aspects of the product. Whereas, in technical textile the main focus is on the function of the product. And there is a least concern about aesthetic features of the products. So, in simple words, technical textile industry product/item is normally make for non-aesthetic purpose. And only function of the product is more considerable in this textile category.

Technical Textile Industry History:

The inception and motive for the development of technical textile industry was to fill the lacking features of traditional textile products. And the consumer of the traditional textile industry wants to keep the same product’s aesthetic but with some added features. So, the new textile form has been introduced which also have additional attributes of recent needs and demands of consumers. As the most of the technical textile industry products are based on synthetic fibers. So, this category of textile demand has boosted up in year 1799 when first synthetic fiber “acetate” was invented.

With the passage of time it transformed into “Viscose” in year 1894. And later-on in year 1924 it was made more refine and called “Rayon”. But the remarkable thing is that all the above narrated types of fiber are not fully synthetic. Because, all the above three types are mainly made with wood-pulp which is a natural ingredient.

The first 100% synthetic fiber named “Nylon” was invented by US experts team in year 1939. And this progress went on into its peak when most useful synthetic fiber “polyester” was invented in year 1953. As it was milestone in the invented list of synthetic fibers due to its useful characteristics and attributes. The technical textile industry sector was continuously taking benefits from synthetic fibers according to its usage and benefits. But the trend has changed when man-made natural fibers was invented and rapidly captured market share under technical textile industry. Although there are number of man-made fibers are available now in the market. Yet “cotton”, “wool”, “linen” and “jute” are most likely used natural fibers in technical textile industry.

Technical Textile: A Growing Sector

Currently, we can see number of categories in technical textile which are using in different field of life. It applies not only in textile sector but you can also observe application of technical textiles in other sectors too. And the prominent sectors which are getting beneficial from it are civil, engineering and medical industry. And if we overall check the usage and growth rate of this category then it’s quite amazing. The overall growth rate is of this textile sub-category is around 4% per year which is more than the main category.

Types of Technical Textile Industry: An Overview

There are multiple types of technical textile  industry products which we can see into the market. But the main famous categories which are enormously using in different products are as follows:


The application of technical textiles  into medical field with some additional function is knows as  “Meditech”. It serves and produces different type of products in this category. And the main prominent technical textiles examples are like surgical disposable components, Diapers, artificial lungs, artificial cornea/joints/heart valve etc. As there are number of medical instruments and wearables which are making under technical textile category. So, the “Meditech” sector is estimating really healthy growth in coming future. This category was valued approximately US$ 12 billion in year 2016. And as per the expert’s findings, it would reach around US$ 20 billion till year 2026.


The technical textile production is also serving really healthy in industrial growth. And for industrial products, it is offering extensive products  like conveyer belts, industrial brushes, bolting clothes, Printer’s Ribbon, Circuit Boards, Filters etc.


The technical textile industry is participating vigorously role in mobiltech. As it is producing Helmets, Car Upholstery, Auto safety Airbags, Auto Carpets, Seat Belts etc.


You can see multiple products which are producing under this category. It include Vacuum cleaner filters, Window Blinds, Furniture Fabrics, HVAC filters, Stuffed Toys, Fiberfill, Net clothes etc.


In clothtech, you can have multiple items in market which falls under this category. It includes  shoe laces, umbrella fabrics, zip fasteners, interlining, Hook tape, Elastic fabrics etc.


The textile which applies in construction and building calls as buildtech. It include Hoardings, Architectural membrane, Canvas Tarpaulin, Concrete Wraps, Pipe etc. As per the study findings, this category was valued in 2016 around US$ 13 billion. And it is forecasting that it would reach up to US$ 22 billion till year 2027.


Now days, environmental sustainability is big and hot issue. So, the textile which applies towards environment protection from toxic and hazardous material or wasted products calls as Oekotech. The word Oekotech also knows as ecological protection environment textile. The key examples of this type of technical textile are domestic water sewerage and waste  recycling plants, corrosion safety etc.

Other than this you can find number of useful products under Geotech, Packtech and Agrotech textile category. And there are also some other categories in which you would find landmark products of technical textile industry.

Key Players and Market Analysis:

If we analyze the key market players for the technical textile industry then we observes massive demand in developed as well as in under-developed regions. You will find it equally popular in North and Latin America, Eastern/Western Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific region. Since most of the Asia Pacific region is under developed so the requirement of new infrastructure is needed. So, the demand of technical textile industry products over this region is normally high. This is why, if we analyze the overall earning of technical textile industry of previous year. Then you would amaze to know that approximately 50% of the technical textile earning is derived from Asia Pacific region. Moreover, the analysts are forecasting that the projected future growth rate of the category would be around 6.8% in coming years.

Key Market Players: 

There are number of giant companies of different countries which are aggressively dealing in technical textile sector. The main players are like 3M Co, Dickson-Constant, E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co, Low & Boar PLC, International Textile Group (United State), Avintiv, Berry Global Group (United State), Milliken & Co, Kimberly Clarke (United State), DuPont (United State), Mitsui Chemicals (Japan), Ahlstrom Corporation,  Arville Tex Ltd, Huntsman (United State), Koninklijke Ten Cate (Netherlands), Toyobo Co. (Japan), SRF Limited (India), Lanxess (German), Freudenberg & Co. (German), Milliken & Company (United State), Low & Bonar (United Kingdom).

Other than the above described leading companies in technical textile industry. There are also many other firms which are doing amazingly in this product category. And in order to dominate into the market, these companies are following various growth strategies. And it includes mergers, acquisitions, expansions and partnerships under particular product categories. Along with that heavy investment in new product development is also the part of these strategies. The main motive behind all above steps is to make themselves more dominant into that market. Since the market is at upward trend that’s why everyone is striving its best to grab the maximum market share. And for this, extensive research studies and surveys are done so that companies could understand the actual requirements of their clients. So that they could offer such customized products which could not only conform their needs. But it could also distinguish them from the existing competitors.


There is no doubt that the demand for technical textile industry is increasing tremendously. But cost effectiveness element is normally missing in this type of textile category. This is why; we can have a massive price difference if we compare it with the conventional textile product. Although the value or benefits which we are getting from the technical textile products are great. But the high prices and lack of proper knowledge sharing about the technical attributes of the product is missing. That’s why, most of the high feature products couldn’t survive or give the expected results.

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